Saturday, May 03, 2014

Niki climbs

My daughter- in- law married a man,  Jack (Andrew Jackson) Frishman, who is himself the result of TWO people with a climbing lineage falling in love. Grandpa Ken Adam was on a T shirt depicting him rappelling from Lower Cathedral Spire in Yosemite in the 40's *. So it is pretty natural to want to learn how. And besides, she hiked to the top of Mount Taylor while quite pregnant with Eli...

It will be interesting to see what HE does.

 She can shoot, too...

 * The other was Doug Peacock, who went to our bar wearing a T shirt with an R Crumb portrait of Ed Abbey's character Hayduke. It is not a really good shirt to wear in cowboy bars, but the Spur is pretty mellow. Wade Dixon (extreme cow culture and an old friend) pointed to his T-shirt and said to him: "I never met anybody wearing his own face on his T-shirt before!"

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