Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shooting Smallbores

... and WHY smallbores. No time for deep analysis today--  an eagerly awaited guest, last minute prep for the new tiercel including expanded housing, gunsmithery, cooking. But it would come as no surprise to most readers that I am down to using two smallbores: my all- time favorite English .410 (sold away years ago, fortuitously regained thanks to Tom Quinn and Libby), and a total surprise, suggested to me by Mel Merritt at Ron Peterson's, a sidelock Spanish 28 made for the US market in 1959. In the first photo, Jessica Abberley shoots the .410 and smashes her targets as husband Piet Ditmars of Dunhill Ranch runs the machine. Double or right click for a bigger image.

That this is the first time she ever shot a side- by- side, two triggers, or a .410 makes her ability even more amazing. But I shoot well with it too,  better than almost any gun I have ever owned, and I am not a natural with a shotgun despite my having shot one since I was eight.

Below that are the guns-- more on them later. Meanwhile, see Steve Hughes' column in the July/ August  Shooting Sportsman, where he examines Ben Williams' 28 bore Holloway and Naughton, a gun amazingly like my Turner .410 in everything but name and gauge.


Gil said...

One comment steeped in envy concerning your .410 "you are such a show-off".

Steve Bodio said...

I dunno, Gil-- Jessica is a MUCH better shot! I only hit fairly well with it because it fits perfectly and weighs nothing (;-))

Randy Davis said...


My old Winchester model 42 pump 410 is a delight, my favorite gun of all the various Iv e owned and the only shotgun that's ever made it seem like I know what Im doing even if I do forget to work the pump occasionally

Randy Dacis

Steve Bodio said...

Randy Davis knows that while some think that those of us who shoot good .410's are handicapped, snobs, wimps, or delusional, that there are ones that hit better than anything else for the lucky shooter!