Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Literary Quote

In art, one is not compelled to choose sides, one poet or novelist at the expense of another. Beckett and Larkin are not mutually exclusive tastes. One feels no pressure to be consistent. Aesthetic love is promiscuous without being unfaithful. One loves Swift and Henry James, Italo Svevo and Barbara Pym. Rigorous consistency in matters of art suggests provinciality and poverty of imagination.

Patrick Kurp

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Anonymous said...

Well, this quote sure sounds purty enough(and I agree with it myself), but in reality, I've experienced PLENTY of EXTREME ART SNOBS! Gawd, especially regarding MUSICAL tastes--many people will condemn-you-to-hell if your music likes/dislikes differ from theirs! No doubt in time(had they been victorious in world domination), the Nazis would have had concentration camps set up specifically for those whose musical(or other artistic) preferences were not what was deemed appropriate by the guvmint!....L.B.