Monday, July 25, 2016

What Kirk Saw

Feather dinos!

Feather Dinos with colors
An Oviraptorid nest, with a comparison to a brooding Peregrine-- a thing "wings" could be used for before flight..
Antarctic Explorer Lincoln Ellsworth's shotgun :

Smithsonite (Magdalena's official mineral)
TR & Kirk


Reid Farmer said...


Anonymous said...

Yup,in that 1st photo, the feathers look very EMU-like, which is kinda how I imagined dino-feathers myself--emu feathers are SO insulating(from heat or cold!)and protective and practical, and heck, Emus ARE like present day dinos, for sure! Just look at their tracks! I was lucky enough to help get to raise and care for emus at the coupla zoos I've worked at, and I've had a "thing" for them ever since! I just don't like "herding" them(because you CAN'T!). You've heard the term " like herding cats" describing something difficult? Something IMPOSSIBLE is "like herding emus"!.....L.B.