Friday, March 02, 2018


My stepson Jackson Frishman, a formidably literate outdoorsman, dedicated conservationist, and life- long explorer of The Big Empty, has a new column in Mountain Journal: here He is already known for his wonderful photos; now perhaps his writing will get the attention it deserves too
He also says some embarrassingly nice things about me.
"My stepfather, the nature writer Stephen Bodio who was based in Bozeman for years, taught me to see beauty in less obviously spectacular landscapes, to look beyond superlatives like highest and deepest and steepest, and focus instead on a place's ecology, seasonal rhythms, historical connections."


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson & Steve

Giad to see you "getting on !"

Love to family - we still remember our ramble through Santa Fe! - too many years ago..........

John & June


Peculiar said...

I always love seeing your name pop up, John. We often contemplate our need to visit the U.K. - someday!

Daniel Riviera said...

Great piece in Mountain Journal. Love all of the photographs, particularly Spring Storm, Nye County!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson and Steve

You know you are welcome , any time!

Norwegian are launching Dreamliner deals from Denver and Austin to London Gatwick, at crazy prices , but maybe not for long , so good time to contemplate a trip!