Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gun Humor

This comparison, re Chas, of the AK, the AR 15, and the Mosin Nagant, is utterly irresistible for those who like such things.

There are MANY comparisons but how about this one on ammo?

If you have an AK "You buy cheap ammo by the case." If you have an AR Clone "You lovingly reload precision crafted rounds one by one." If you have a Mosin "You dig your ammo out of a farmer's field in Ukraine and it works just fine."

OK, one more: cleaning:
AK "It works though you have never cleaned it. Ever." AR? "You have $9 per ounce special non-detergent synthetic teflon infused oil for cleaning." Mosin? "It was last cleaned in Berlin in 1945."

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Reid Farmer said...

This is great!!

The comments about cleaning the AR-15 take me back to ROTC training camp at Ft. Riley, Kansas. We were issued M-16s and wads of blank ammunition for field exercises. On the first exercise we had a fine time shooting up blanks, putting the weapons on auto as much as possible, and making lots of noise. Back in barracks we found to our chagrin that blanks make your weapon about 10 times dirtier than real ammunition.

After that we avoided firing blanks unless directly ordered to do so. I have some amusing memories of seeing a couple of hundred young soldiers in full combat kit pointing their M-16s at each other and yelling BANG! BANG! BANG! like a group of 7 year olds in the backyard.

I did qualify as sharpshooter with the M-16 and never had a single problem with one.