Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Traveling with Animals

Reid sent a rather silly NYT piece (seems to be behind their damned firewall now) about people who travel with animals, mostly professionally or because they can afford to. I must admit there are times when we do, at least if we know there are good places to stay. Here is a photo of Lib at the late lamented Ghost Ranch in Tucson a few years ago (it was then owned by a falconer).

(Click on the photo to enlarge it).


Reid Farmer said...

Doesn't look like there's any room for you!

Anonymous said...

Some of us travel with our animals because, well, we live where we travel. (Or don't travel, as evidenced by the last two nights stuck near San Antonio, TX waiting for the Interstate to open. We made it to Fort Stockton and it looks like we may have to do it all over again, as a winter storm looms between us and El Paso.)

I remember hearing a talk somewhere- a zoo, maybe- about a guy who worked with vultures, or maybe it was condors- and he travelled with them. I remember thinking he probably didn't have to check the bird's food as baggage because it was, well..... carrion.

Matt Mullenix said...

Dan and Margaret: You must have been snowbound too long.

Anonymous said...

my girlfriend is afraid that this is what my house looks like when she is not there. No snakes, however, are in the picture.