Thursday, June 21, 2007

California Looms

The New West Net, an online news service dedicated to coverage of the Rocky Mountain states, recently had an opinion piece by Christian Probasco on the effect that nanny-state legislation in California may have on neighboring states in the West. What concerns the author is that California is a trendsetter. From the article:

"California is a trendsetter state. Much like the weather, every Californian fad eventually makes its way over the Sierras and diffuses into the intermountain West. That’s wonderful, and it’s frightening, because there are some pretty disturbing things going on in the Golden State right now.

O.K., I’ll admit: disturbing to people who take their civil liberties seriously. But I’m one of them."

He provides a list of some pending legislation, some of which we have previously discussed here:

".....there’s a few nanny-state laws lately considered by the State Legislature, as related by San Diegan Adam Summers an economist and policy analyst for the Reason Foundation:

• AB 722—Would “phase out” the sale of incandescent light bulbs in favor of more energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs (despite the fact that harmful levels of mercury from fluorescent bulbs can add up in landfills, contaminating the soil and making their way into the food supply). This bill has been amended so that now, instead of banning bulbs outright, it would have the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission set a minimum energy efficiency for bulbs. A nice P.R. move that would, in practice, essentially ban incandescent bulbs.

• SB 7—Would ban smoking in a vehicle--moving or stationary--in which there is a minor.

• AB 86/AB 90/AB 97/SB 490—Would restrict the use of trans fats in restaurants and school cafeterias.

• SB 120/SB 180—Would require caloric, trans fat, saturated fat, and sodium content information to be printed on restaurant menus.

• AB 1634—Would require dog and cat owners to spay or neuter their animals by four months of age."

Probasoco asks, "What happened to California?"

“Nothing,” says Ron Getty, “Other than year-round politicians who feel that to look good they have to show how tough they are on (fill in the blank) or show how caring they are on behalf of (fill in the blank). The majority of (the nanny laws were) introduced in basic essence by legislators who are at heart control freaks.”


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