Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Bodio Connection to the Whydah

Last month I posted on some new underwater archaeology discoveries at the wreck of the Whydah, a pirate ship that sank off of Wellfleet, Massachusetts in 1717. Steve's sister, Karen Bodio-Graham, visits the Wellfleet area often, saw the post and sent us an e-mail and pictures about her and her family's interest in the Whydah:

This July while staying in Wellfleet and Provincetown, MA, George (my husband) took off early on his bike to catch the sunrise over the harbor. Using his smiling personality and intellect he got himself on the Vast Explorer (new and better), took pix and had a tour, and then met Barry Clifford and the 60 Minutes crew heading out for a 4 day cruise to try and recover the "hunk of metal". He was ready to take cover and go for the trip!

Whydah is our family's fun research project - since I watched them from Cahoon's Hollow dig up the booty years ago. My kids are still looking for a doubloon of their own.

Here are some pix of the new Vast Explorer with George, and others plus the original vessel which found the treasure -sold and being used out in the harbor.

Keep you posted,

Karen Bodio-Graham and family

George on vessel next to the 60 Minutes camera

Captain Barry Clifford

Vast Explorer heading out to the wreck

Here's the original Vast Explorer (I like the Jolly Roger on the side - RF)

Evan hoping its gold...on Marconi Beach (Knowing there's a wreck out there must add immeasurably to your motivation for beach combing! - RF)

Steve posted last month on some of Karen and her family's other beach combing activities.

Karen couldn't have sent this to us at a better time as today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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Peter said...

Yes, I'd agree that the new Vast Explorer is a major improvement over the old one!