Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Mule News

Today's Denver Post has a follow-up on their story of a foal born to a female mule in western Colorado. I posted on this back in July and we added Dr. John Burchard's comments on it a bit later.

Further research on the foal has shown that he is a genetic lawbreaker:

"Genetic tests have found that the foal, named Winterhawk's Kule Mule Amos, has cells containing 63 chromosomes, as his mule mother has, and other cells with 64 chromosomes, as the donkey believed to be his father has.

'When we look at Amos' cells, it's very odd,' said Lee Millon, the research associate who unraveled Amos' genes in the veterinary genetics lab at the University of California at Davis. 'It's mind-boggling that this could occur.'

'It disproves Mendel's law of independent assortment,' opined Dr. Roger Valentine Short, a reproductive biology researcher at the University of Melbourne in Australia. 'This could make the front cover of Science.'"

Very interesting - RTWT as the saying goes. I guess I have to state that I have a problem with the name "Winterhawk's Kule Mule Amos." I'm sure he's just plain Amos around the barn.

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Anonymous said...

Any updates concerning this unusual event, since 2007 ?