Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Smells Like Money

This is utterly trivial, but I saw this image and couldn't let it go. This is interior decor at Stinkers, a new nightspot in LA (Silver Lake, of course). The article says Stinkers truck stop theme is post-post ironic, which is too sophisticated for me. I think.

Click though to the pic of skunks drinking Schlitz from cans, which I liked too.


Moro Rogers said...

I think post-post-ironic would be ironic. That is, if post-irony is sincerity informed by and antithetical to irony. (Most of the time I don't think there's any reason to go beyond post-irony.)

Anonymous said...

Post ironic? Looks more to me like something from the mephitic or nouveaux-rectal schools of representationalism.

I have a row of plastic dog butt coat hooks on the wall at my training center. They're cute and blue - but just about everyone drapes their coats over the chairs along the wall instead of using them.

So - are they art or are they FAIL?