Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Web Miscellany

I've often said that making excellent gravy doesn't get the attention it deserves. Here are some recipes to get you going for next week.

"Indian Navy Says It Sank Pirate Ship" doesn't sound like a 21st century headline, does it?

A lawsuit attacking the city of Aurora, CO ban on pitbulls is going to US District Court here in Denver. This is viewed as an important attempt to overturn the "breed bans" that a number of jurisdictions have enacted in recent years.

The city of Denver has decided that it's cool to keep beehives in the city limits. Apiarists rejoice.

Here's an interesting piece on the devastation wrought here in the Mountain West by the pine bark beetle. I'd say that and tamarisk are our two biggest environmental vegetation issues in this region.

Construction for parking expansion at the Denver Botanic Gardens hit some human remains from a pioneer cemetary. I saw this on the TV news here, but the local papers didn't seem to pick it up.

It's National Ammo Day. Celebrate.

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