Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Fisherman

I suppose the Memorial Day holiday made me think of it, but I wanted to put up one of my favorite pictures of my grandfather, Travis Reid. Quite a while ago, I posted a picture of him as a young man, and what I said about him in that post still stands.

As near as I can tell, this picture was taken a few years before I was born, probably somewhere during 1948 - 1950. He was still using the minnow bucket, water cooler, and tackle box in the picture when I started going out with him. Fishing was his favorite thing.

I also did another post about a time we actually caught some fish.


Henry Chappell said...

Nice post, Reid. I always enjoy the old photos. Men wore sharp-looking hats in those days, and actually looked like adults.

Reid Farmer said...

Thank you, Henry. My grandfather was always a sharp dresser, and would recycle his worn old straws into hats for fishing or working outside. Also the shirt he is wearing is a worn-out old white dress shirt - he never wore anything else when fishing. As an old-school Southerner he knew you were supposed to keep that sun off your skin.

You're right, they did look like adults.