Sunday, May 24, 2009


I went down this morning with a flu bug, so was negligent in getting all my chores done. I swear this happened because I drove to town and went to the grocery store, which was packed full of people on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

So husband Jim did the early check of the lambing ground and found a lamb that wasn't doing well, bringing her to the house. As soon as the lamb and I met, we both started feeling better, and you can see from this photo that we were pretty content with our nap on the couch.

I spent most of the day taking it easy and taking care of the 11 orphan lambs that share the dog kennel with the big dogs. It's been raining today, which is fabulous, and our horses really enjoyed the cool weather.

I don't know that I've ever mentioned it, but the horses we use on this ranch are all wild horses we've adopted off the range here in Wyoming. They are very energetic and intelligent, and only partially "broke." I'm sure one of these years Jim and I are going to figure out that we are too old to be riding broncs, but we aren't there just yet. Soon, though. Doesn't matter what I ride (dirt bike or horse), I always wreck a time or two every year. Our horses aren't nearly as well behaved as those we rode in Mongolia ...

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