Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Something good

Now that I’ve done a depressing post with nothing good, here’s one with something good. I’ve spent lots of time in the sheep pasture lately, and have been toting my camera around to document everything that is occurring. Have I mentioned that burros are very nosy creatures? I have pictures that prove it!

Rena the Akbash (all white dog) and Rant the Central Asian Ovcharka let off a little steam this morning. Here is Rant standing on Rena, looking like some bad ass. He's younger than Rena by a year, and isn't near as tall, weighs a lot less. But it's only a matter of time before he's bigger.

I don't believe there were any feet touching the ground in this shot. We moved the camper close to the night pen, and the dogs played tag around it this morning.

Demonstrating the benefits of cropped ears on a guard dog:

There is nothing that makes Rant madder than anyone or anything grabbing his front legs. Rena knows just what buttons to push.

Rant has very big feet, and uses those front legs to slap and grab with. Very cool when he stands up on his hind legs to wrestle - the Ovcharkas do that a lot.

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