Thursday, September 03, 2009

Suburban Elk

We were totally surprised this morning to see these two bull elk as we were driving into work.

This was quite near our office, which is in west suburban Denver (Lakewood, for those who know) on the edge of the Front Range foothills. There are countless mule deer around here, but elk rarely come this low, especially this time of year.

They had somehow made their way across a four-lane highway (C-470) and up West Alameda Parkway. The sign on the fence post shows it's the boundary for a large city park/open space area, the best place for these guys to head for the day.


Isaac said...

Elk season opened last weekend. Those are some smart boys, heading to safe spots...

mdmnm said...

Exactly as Isaac says! Two legal bulls dodging the very chance of any arrows coming their way.