Thursday, August 19, 2010

Season's Change: A little Photo Bogging

... to hold you. Apologies for light content; I have been very busy on everything from house repair to mushrooming to just exercising for my health (exhausting). I am also trying, no, plotting, to revive Q- the- Book, at least in NM...

Meanwhile: Monday, my neurologist gave me a thumbs- up. Performance was up in all categories-- balance, walking, coordination--and she actually said: "Keep doing it all-- weights, treadmill, daily stretches, walking, eating three serious meals and four a day on weight days, meds [no increase needed!] and [!] drinking your nightly vodka-- you must be doing something right!" (Actually, moderate alcohol consumption increases ones' natural dopamine production, A Very Good Thing for PD).

We are also getting housing & kit ready for the redheaded tiercel who we hope to acquire in El Paso this coming weekend.

I went and discarded much saved "links" stuff- it ages!-- but promise some more up to date material soon (and with luck and time more book reviews).

Meanwhile the monsoons did a decent enough job of nearly daily storms for us to fill two of our big jars with dried boletes-- that is, at least a year's worth- and didn't quite burst our ceiling. Though the leaks, in the library and the gunroom, scared us once, the rains seem to be winding down and now we can attempt to seal the roof before snow flies. The still often water- saturated sunsets, full of red light, are slipping toward fall, and though the lowlands are still sweltering the nights are cool at our 6500 feet. The first antelope hunts have already begun...

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