Thursday, December 30, 2010

Indian Tazi

A classic Indian miniature from this site, circa 1800, sent by Jess at Desert Windhounds. As Brett says, it is either the biggest tazi or the smallest handler EVER.


Max Inclined said...

LOL -- I don't know when it was painted but all the way up to the 1500s (I think) it was typical to depict objects sized according to their importance. Must have been one helluva dog :)

Retrieverman said...

I wouldn't let the Irish wolfhound pseudohistorians see that one.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, guys; I can't believe how uncultured you are--I'm considered somewhat backward, but even I can see that this is clearly a very accurate illustration of a tazi with an oompa-loompa! They were probably out hunting perniscious knids, or some such, in this depiction......L.B.