Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Waiting for the storm

The storm is coming. We can feel it. I can smell moisture in the air. The wide open sky is a beautiful overcast shadow above us, providing just a casting of blue and gray hues across the landscape.

We moved our sheep herd, burros, and livestock protection dogs back down into the river pasture where the old trees will provide shelter from the coming snowfall. It's snowed just a little today - about an inch, but this is the prelude to something bigger. The herd enjoyed a snack of whole oats mid-morning, while the dogs were given large beef bones to keep them busy.

As we wait, we notice the wildlife is doing the same. A small bunch of mule deer bucks moved onto the ditchbank just above the herd, and about 1/2 mile south down the ditch, a pair of bachelor bull moose have taken up their position as wildland sentinels.

We wait for nightfall, the arrival of the snowstorm, and the new year.

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Connie Farmer said...

We are waiting for the storm here in Denver too, although it will not be as dramatic when it hits here. A good snow day is always a welcome thing in my book though.