Friday, February 18, 2011

Falconry: News & Pix

Paul has suggested I take back and fly my sweet Barb Taita female, the mini- shahin Cheetah (formerly Chicken as in Chicken Little), while he takes up Ms Mean Girl and attempts duck. We are both happy, as our respective quarry better fits the recent switch.

One "trouble" with red shahin types is that they are very fast but have very heavy wing loading--- look at the thin wings in photo two as well as the huge chest. Paul has found it hard to keep her fit without constant work. A new book on modern Arab technique cites stooping a Barb to the lure 250 times or more--! That kind of workout should keep us BOTH fit.

Pix: first set is Cheetah-- car, field, lure. Second is Monday's unsuccessful rabbit hunt near Socorro-- suddenly 75 degrees! Paul & gos, Paul & gos & Lib, heavy cover, gos on Paul's back being impatient.


Peculiar said...

Was that east of the river (at least the last shot)?

Kitty Carroll said...

For lure flying my barbary. I use a soft lure system. Look at my blog ( for details on the system (older posts).

Steve Bodio said...

West, behind the High School (Rt 60).