Friday, February 18, 2011

Spiked collars

We're going to experiment with a variety of spiked collars on our livestock protection dogs, but these leather collars we had made locally are a good start in protecting dogs during a wolf attack. We saw various versions of the leather collars used in Spain. For livestock producers who want to give them a try, saddlemaker Clark Weber of Rock Springs, Wyoming is the man to talk to. His cell number is 307-350-5408 and his email is mudtwo at hotmail dot com.

Clark made these two collars for our dogs based on the measurements we specified. They are 2 1/2 inches wide, and adjust from 22 to 26 inches.


Mary Ann said...

Cat, scary looking collars but I understand the need. Do you not worry about the dog getting stuck in brush and/or hanging itself? Mary Ann

Jenny Glen said...

Wicked! I can't imagine they wouldn't do the job. I always said if my guardians had anything to fight off bigger than a coyote, I'd put spiked collars on them. Keep us updated on how they work. Do they bother the dogs when they are laying their head down? What about when the dogs play - I often notice, especially with youngsters, they chew on each other's neck. I suppose the answer to that will be they only do it once!

Anonymous said...

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