Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blind Cave Cockatoos: An Exchange (Real Zoo # 6)

The Real Zoo had a blind Cockatoo named Cookie, who did not live in a cave. In one of our discussions I mentioned The Incident of the Blind Cave Cockatoo.

I should add that in those days I, Paul, and our supervisor Richard were the three people with the responsibility to teach the flock of (often remarkably naive-- remember "special bonds" below) volunteers natural history...

Paul responded:

"I don't recall Blind Cave Cockatoos, but I can easily picture Richard, or maybe even me, telling people that Cookie is one of those fabled birds. I always admired Cookie the cockatoo- especially when he loudly told KM [we do NOT do names of the innocent or guilty here!--SB] to get f***ed, over the PA in front of a zillion cub scouts, at the Topsfield Fair. Hilarious. Will give details later, if you want."

I answered: "That story is all yours, Paul.

"Blind Cave Cockatoos" was ME, though Richard was there and I think you were. It was Educate The Volunteers time and some little Buffie asked me if ALL Cockatoos were blind. Without blinking I answered “Yes, Buffie. They live in caves. That’s why they are white, like cave fish. They search for their food under stones...”

"I don’t know how long I might have gone on but Richard bellowed “BODIOOOO!!!!”

"He WAS laughing though.

Paul has the last word:

"Ahh. Yes, I can picture you doing that. What's more, I love your use of the name "Buffie". I immediately picture the sweet little pig-tailed freckled darling, who signs her name with a cute little heart over the "i" instead of a dot.

"Reminds me of another sweet young thing who was hired at a pet shop I sometimes visit. I went in, box in hand, and gave it to her with my request of "about 50 crickets, please". She had such a cute little puzzled look when she said.... We.... but we.... only sell them by the dozen".

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