Sunday, May 01, 2011

Curlew and company

It's a thrill for me every spring when I encounter a group of long-billed curlew, which I had the pleasure of finding Saturday alongside the highway north of Daniel, Wyoming.

They are beautiful and graceful birds, but these guys sure had dirty bills and feet from plodding along in the mud, poking for treasures.

A little further north, near Bondurant, the snow is still very deep, but even small animals came out of their burrows to enjoy the sunshine, racing back and forth with glee.

After a pleasant drive to Jackson for groceries and to run errands, Jim and I were pleased to encounter this gorgeous redhead (an American kestrel) very close to home.

Loving these beautiful spring days and the critters we're able to encounter.


Cowgirl Red said...

Real treasures. I just love curlews. Even the word "curlew" is fun to say. Terah

Moro Rogers said...

Nice pics! I see these little guys when I walk on the beach in El Segundo. I'm not sure what they're eating...Mole crabs, maybe.

Kitty Carroll said...

Love the redhead kestrel. I had for a while a rehab/edu kestrel transferred to me from Idaho. The first thing I noticed on her was the 'red head' she had. The other two I have had, (southern kestrels) lacked this feature.

Kitty Carroll said...

I had and edu kestrel from Idaho. She also had the 'red head'. What a lovely bird.