Monday, April 18, 2011

Dancing for the joy of spring

Had to haul our last load of hay from our friend's ranch on Sunday. It was very overcast and the ranch is ancient and captivating. These sandhill cranes were in the fields, and I'm sure they were dancing for the sheer joy of spring, rather than simply practicing their mating dances they will soon be performing. I was too far away for any great shots, but I think I captured the mood.

One of the herders from Nepal was finishing up the feeding for the day, putting out hay for the horses and small goat flock used as a meat source for the herders.

The old cottonwood trees on this 100-year old ranch are full of nesting raptors, including two nests occupied by Great Horned Owls.

There are lots of treasures on the ranch, including this row of wagon wheels, next to an old sheep camp that was used to the point of it decomposing into the earth.

This last shot makes me smile every time I see it. It's our new litter of guardian puppies, firmly latched onto their mother for their dining pleasure. The pups are consuming lots of dog kibble now also, getting a minimum of three feedings a day from us, in addition to their mother's milk.


Cowgirl Red said...

It's springtime in Wyoming. Makes me smile too. Terah

rental elf said...

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Holly Heyser said...

I see what you mean about that puppy shot! Adorable.

But the sandhill cranes are neat too. I've never seen one on the ground - I just hear them sometimes when I'm duck hunting.

Dennis Sumrak said...

There's still snow on the mountains! Are the in the Black Range?

Steve Bodio said...

That is a Cat post so those are in Wyoming (Wind Rivers?) No snow left on our southern NM ranges now-- though in wet years I have sen a little left through May.