Monday, August 01, 2011

Country fun

We've worked far too hard lately, and everyone felt the need to blow off a little steam last weekend. What better way than to load up onto the back of a flatbed ranch truck and take a tour of our booming prairie dog town (located just outside our yard). The weekend involved a variety of weapons and family members. The cast of characters above includes husband Jim, son Cass, and nephew Kyle.

Although weapons passed back and forth between all involved, 20-year old Cass moved some dirt with an SKS.

Kyle had kind of a Dirty Harry vibe going on with a S&W .44. He's 26 and freshly out of the military.

Husband Jim proved worthy of the biggest bragging rights. He succeeded in killing several prairie dogs with his bow and arrows. Instead of broadheads, he was using target tips! At first, the arrows just bounced off the prairie dogs, but then he got good at it. In this photo, Kyle's "got your back."

Cass and Kyle were both so well dressed I had to laugh. What a couple of goons! Anyone driving by probably thought we were crazy. We are, but it sure was fun.


Dave said...

Gopher-shooting (what Canadians call the Richardson's Ground Squirrel) made for good fun out on the Prairies while attending university in Alberta-- same with maiming coyotes with a bow and arrow.

Anonymous said...

My kinda day!

Jim Cornelius

Anonymous said...

I hope you ate, and didn't waste those prairie dogs....mmmmMMMH! Prairie dog stew! These photos remind me of a story involving some of my relatives(in a Southern local we won't be specific about....). seems there was a nice, wooded patch of land between the homesteads of some cousins, that belonged to someone not of the family. Knowing they really wanted to buy it, it to keep it from getting developed by strangers(a big taboo down thar), the landowner jacked the price up to an absurd level in order to take advantage, or find some foreign suckers who would foolishly pay that much. The cousins refused to pay the exorbitant price, and sure enough, the landowner was soon bringing around prospective city folk who thought they'd like to build in the country. But the cousins always intercepted the land tours, and dressed very like the fellows in these photos(with a chaw of baccy fer good measure accompanied by lots of spitting, I'm sure), they'd come on over and greet the prospective neighbers real friendly like, carrying rifles, shotguns, even one a them really LOUD AK-47's, and let rip off and on during the introductions, allowing as how they all just LOVED shootin' off thar guns ever chance they got! Needless to say, the prospective buyers skeddaddled at the first opportunity, never to return! And the landowner finally gave up, lowered his price, and the cousins did finally purchase that patch of woods(and left them undeveloped woods)......So, not only were you guys killin' prairie dogs, you may have very well been preserving wild habitat, did any prospective land developers happen by!......L.B.