Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sunrise in the Upper Green

I wanted to catch the early morning light in the Upper Green River region of western Wyoming, north of Pinedale this weekend. I was lucky enough to recruit my son Cass and our neighbor and friend Haley for the adventure. The mountain on the right in the photo above is Square Top (about 11,600 feet), and on the left is Osborn Mountain (about 11,800 feet), in the Wind River range.

It was 25 degrees with a thick frost - conditions were beautiful. Cass couldn't resist taking a dip with the fly rod.

Cass had to share the water with the residents of the neighborhood.

The sun came up over the top of the mountains and burned the frost and mist off quickly, giving rise to another beautiful fall day in Wyoming.

A sleepy but happy Cass.

Haley enjoying the first rays of light from the banks of the Green River.


Peculiar said...

These are great, Cat! The mist rising off the water is really gorgeous, and the haze gives the Squaretop shot that nice receding-into-the-distance feel. The moose are terrific, and I imagine that first one of Cass fishing would be marketable. Nicely done! Someday I've got to make it up there, and further. I've boated on the Green so much, feels like I ought to hike up to its very headwaters one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day. I spent some time in the Wind Rivers. I miss the area, but I don't miss the cold. Now I live in S.W. N.M., can' beat the weather.

Julie said...

Beautiful photos! You even make the cool crisp mornings look amazing!

Cat Urbigkit said...

Thanks everyone!

Jackson, you have done so much on the Green, you really should make it up this way sometime. I'm sure the country would suit you. Just let me know when you and the family(!) need a place to crash. We love kids in our household too, and our animals are kid-friendly. Cass first went in to the Green River Lakes region in a pack on Jim's back. He still feels a connection to that place.

I have rarely photographed Square Top because it's probably the most photographed mountain in the Wind Rivers, but I needed something for a publication I'm working on for our county government. It was great to have Cass and Haley with me, and they laughed when I said the one thing that would make the photo shoot better was if there was a sheep in the shot also!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

You could just have called this post "how to be happy"
Great pix

Matt Mullenix said...

A river runs through it!

Cat Urbigkit said...

Thanks guys - no doubt it's beautiful country.

karen said...

Cat these photos are great.Go for the postcards,ha ha!Keep on taking photos your good at it....Karen