Sunday, November 06, 2011


Husband Jim's Uncle Walter passed away early last week, so we left home Friday to attend the memorial services in Cheyenne. We were gone for about 30 hours, and of course I was nervous about how the animals faired while we were gone. When we arriving to see the ewe herd in the river bottom, some of my favorite animals came out to greet us. They had done just fine without me, but seemed happy to see us. I love seeing the animals look so relaxed and content. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

We headed to the house to check on Vega and her four-week old pups in the kennel. It had snowed and the wind was blowing, but of course the pups were out exploring the world inside their kennel. Jim decided we needed puppy therapy, so he hauled them into the living room for a visit

This is Spot. He's the biggest dog in the litter, and he is very grumpy, growling and barking. He reminds me of his Uncle Rant.

Vega decided to come in and check on her pups, so several of them took advantage of having the milk bag nearby. For readers not familiar with these livestock protection dogs, Vega is a Central Asian Shepherd, or Aziat.

And here is our one-year old Hud, a bearded collie who loves snuffling around in the snow.


Reid Farmer said...

EVERYONE needs puppy therapy!!

Cowgirl Red said...

I want to smell their puppy breath. Terah

Peculiar said...

Fresh snow, dog and donkey therapy would be pretty welcome too: love that shot! And all the others too.

Reid Farmer said...

Peculiar is right - picture #2 belongs in your next book

Cat Urbigkit said...

Thanks all. I have that same shot saved as my desktop photo on my laptop. Makes me smile every time I open the laptop.

Mary J. said...

Glad all was well when you got home. Everything was ok here too but we only have two horses and a dog! Thanks again for the book. It is beautiful. Love, MJA