Monday, August 20, 2012

Tattoos, Griffins, Dinosaurs, and Indiana Jones

Our friend Sari in Finland sends this link to some tattooed mummies in the Siberian Altai. Here are a couple more from that tradition, from (I think) a bit further south.

These are mythical "Griffins", but are probably based on fossils like the Protoceratops, found in Mongolia in the 1920's by Roy Chapman Andrews, the real- life inspiration for Indiana Jones.

Some of his actual fossils are in the Museum in Ulan Bataar, where we have seen (and touched!) them.

The birth of the Griffin from the bones of a dinosaur is described well in Adrienne Mayor's The First Fossil Hunters .


Anonymous said...

I'll be in R.C.A.'s old stomping grounds in Beloit this weekend when I take my son back to school. I believe he is buried in Beloit. One of these days I'll visit his grave and report back.

Matthew in Missouri

j said...

More on the tattooed mummies: