Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gratuitous Pigeon Photos

Handsome birds, "Lebanons".  I saw their like in Turkey a few years ago. Anyone know where I can find a pair or two for less than $250? Stupid regs make all imported birds impossibly expensive for all but the rich, and cause hoarding and inbreeding depression in the tiny gene pools that exist in the US.  I'm no fan of closed studbook pedigrees-- I cross out and back again, until I have the "good' phenotype with a wider genetic palette...

From my friend Warren, who has some of my "granddogs",  I am getting some young of one of my favorite breeds, the wild, rugged old show bird called the English carrier. It no longer carries messages-- that job long ago taken over by its partial descendant, the racing homer, but is still a strong swift flier. It has too much character (is too odd/ ugly/ finicky) for modern tastes, but it was once known by the Scottish handle "King o' the Doo's" [doves]. Darwin bred ones that could win best in show today; there is a good illustration in his book on domestication, "Variations". Some of mine should come from the excellent pair in the first photo.

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