Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Doggage/ Impending Litter?

Riss and Aymoon:
If you think Aymoon seems a little goofy, consider this photo of him in action.
We already know that Rissy is a good girl.


Anonymous said...

All I'm seein' is a coupla runnin' dawgs playin' with each other. Until you git a photo of a TIE, I wouldn't be counting on no pups. Which reminds me of a photo I took of my Catahoula(lo, those many years ago) with a tie to a Catahoula bitch I used him as stud on, which I always thought would have made a good greeting card--the photo on the front and a caption saying "Sorry I haven't been in touch".....then inside ".....I've been rather tied up!" Can't understand why Hallmark rejected this idear....L.B.

Steve Bodio said...

They tied> Whaddaya want, dog porn(;-))?

Anonymous said...

Well, in ALL your photos, yer dogs are ALWAYS nekkid!.....L.B.