Thursday, July 18, 2013

Frederick Scott

William's nephew, Frederick built guns in the first two decades of the century, in Birmingham but with London styling. This is a 12 bore, proofed for 2 3/4" 1 1/4 ounce shells (!- I will not shoot anything that stout in a gun that weighs just over six pounds!), barrles that are an unusual (or rather Continental) 70  cm in length, just like my Darne, Skeet & full. More will have to wait on shooting and my getting a (facsimile) maker's catalog from Abby at Cornell. But it is as clean, tight, and ergonomic a gun of that age (or any) I have ever seen, with Holland- style locks and perhaps the nicest triggers I have ever owned; only Birmingham features are side clips and a hidden Greener bolt. Built today it would cost more than my truck or probably my house (less than a new pickup, for proper proportion). Thanks as ever to Ron Peterson. And I have more trade credit to come...

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Gil said...

Once again, I am struck with gun lust which can be as troublesome as plain lust. Beautiful guns.
"I have as many guns as I need, but I don't have as many guns as I want." (Phil Gramm). Gil

Steve Bodio said...

I understand! What I am trying to do is to have a few very good ones in needed niches, upgrading til I can't; then only add affordable historical or new pieces if I have money. I try to keep the fine gun credit account intact-- didn't spend a penny here and upgraded a couple.

With this gun and the Mannlicher Schoenauer I have topped out in their niches (general rifle, English game gun/ general shotgun)-- can't afford anything better-- and "better" isn't MUCH better, period-- just more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Looks a worthy acquisition to your "Gun Stable".
I am intrigued by the 2 3/4 in chambers, and an extremely light weight , 6 lbs only - very unusual.

It will shoot 1 oz of 6 1/2 English shot ( Italian 7) just perfectly for any small flying game - Good Luck......