Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Darnes!

Jacques Bollelli has revived the nearly dead Darne company, and is planning to make a few very high grade guns. Although these are beyond my reach I am delighted to see the old design going into its third century with renewed vision and originality.

Jacques writes:"As you know we are starting to reorganize the team and the factory, with a view to starting again production on a regular basis, though in very limited quantities and only for made to measure very high luxury guns, including express double side by side rifles in all calibers (including African) on which we want to put a particular focus.
The aim is to come back quickly to a production of 10 to 20 pieces a year (but no more to preserve the highest standard of quality), and rebuild a notoriety and a clientele on Darne's  past history…

"HervĂ© Bruchet and I work hand in hand towards that aim , and we are determined to do the necessary investment to do that together (but with no mechanization as we intend to carry on with all production by hand and no machine tool…)

"I'll send you a few photos and info on mails to follow so that you have a bit of fresh material and a basic image database on our products."

On looks alone these may be the finest Darnes ever. Right or double click for incredible detail.

Double rifle

notice the almost Rigby- like rising bite for extra strength

Ultra or post- modern? This one is as stark as a Ducros custom gun.


Chad Love said...

Cool. Are they gonna come in a synthetic stock and choke tubes?

Steve Bodio said...

Probably if the buyer-- doubtless richer than you and me-- wants them.

Anonymous said...

A bit much for my tastes, but I'm glad that gun-as-functional-art is still a thing...

Jim Cornelius

Anonymous said...

So pleased that Herve has secured the future for Darne production in St Etienne.
The deal with Jacques will improve marketing,and wider knowledge of these magnificent sporting weapons.
Never mind the ornament,they shoot like a dream!