Saturday, March 22, 2014

A little more info?

For those who do not follow regularly-- a couple of e- mailers wondered about the post below.

The shotgun below is a Best quality London- style Birmingham sidelock 12 bore, with a three figure serial number, built by Frederick "Frank" Scott between the end of the Great War and the end of his firm in 1918. He probably made less than a thousand guns, unlike his famous uncle William.

Many guns of this style have been made in England and Spain. Today the Spanish are expensive and the Brits cost more than my house. I got this one last year mostly by trading, turning over a boxlock nearly as fine, with the same dimensions, that I had owned for a long time. But its cost even without trade was about that of a good American semi- custom rifle, ie affordable by anyone who saves a bit. Let us say, low 4 figures as opposed to the latest Holland and Holland Royal on similar patents I saw for sale last week, at eighty seven thousand pounds. (This one cost 50 when it was made!) And still today, less than any contemporary Spanish sidelock.

Check the Internet ads of people like Kirby at Vintage, Diggory Haddoke,  Champlin, and Woodcock Hill, where they give plenty of detail. If you are in New Mexico, go to Ron Peterson's, where I got this gun and have bought and sold a scary amount more.  Read Steve Hughes and Haddoke and Terry Weiland and Vic Venters.  Look at lots of guns; then, trust your instincts. Don't be put off by things like sleeving that is well done; even less by good Damascus. You will pay much less if you avoid "names"-- this was the first FRED Scott I ever saw.

Below, the Scott, with my English .410 to contrast, and his 1910 catalog, from Abby Cornell's fabulous reprint series..

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Chad Love said...

I'm still saving...

If I can sell a few of my expendable guns, and somehow keep from buying another damn dog I'm hoping that in a year or two I'll have enough for a decent one. Will be consulting you when the time comes...