Friday, March 21, 2014


Whatever the advertising, don't take any "as good as" statements from modern makers about their equivalence to Golden Age Best guns. Nobody can afford the new ones, but learn quality, and you might find something over a hundred years old that doesn't cost much at all, especially compared to its imitators...

Gerry Cox, visiting from Ithaca,  and John Besse take the locks off my old Frederick Scott to examine them. (I have waited until John and his turnscrews arrived in Magdalena from Alaska-- no WAY I will mar a screw!)

 No tool marks here-- works of art inside and out, shootable as a new gun, and almost 100 years old. Look at the wood inletting too!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautiful work. And the gun appears to be in fantastic condition. Side clips, nice wood, classic engraving. Great find. Wish I had a Ron Peterson near me!