Wednesday, October 26, 2005

.. and Wolf Eagles

Here is Manai, with his eagle....

...and a wolf pelt, taken by this eagle, hanging on his winter house.

Eagles do not take wolves in the wild as a rule, though a biologist friend has seen one kill a coyote here, and they regularly take pronghorn here (see American Pronghorn : Social Adaptations and the Ghosts of Predators Past and Survival By Hunting: Prehistoric Human Predators and Animal Prey ) and saiga there. Wise Manai has a dictum he does not always follow: "If you want to keep your eagle ten years (the length of time Kazakhs keep their birds before releasing them back to the wild to breed) do not hunt wolves!"


Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot believe any raptor could even come close to killing a healthy wolf. I seriously doubt they could kill a coyote. MAYBE a fox - maybe.
I would bet my life on it , in a second. Mike.

Anonymous said...

You tube it. Too bad I couldn't have bet you your life. Probably not worth much if you bet it so easily though.